Worthplaying | ‘WarNo’ is a WWIII battle simulation / strategy game, available for early access on Steam in 2022

The dark days of 1989 and the momentous events that marked the end of an era did not happen. NATO and the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact have deployed to a divided Germany for immediate conflict. It only remains to wait for the Warning order it will all start. War is coming home, commanders …

In the immersive and the realistic War No, players will need to use their quick wit and tactical prowess to take charge of hundreds of units in extremely detailed battlefields. The conflict of WWIII becomes a frightening reality, with NATO and the Warsaw Pact using their entire arsenal of warfare, from conscripts to Spetsnaz, main battle tanks, attack helicopters and airplanes. stealth attack.

Meticulously researched and painstakingly recreated, each nation and its units in War No has unique strengths and weaknesses. As the commander, it is the player’s duty to use the full range of tactical tools at their disposal, from smoke screens to off-map shooting missions. Every battle will be hotly contested, whether against the expert computer, fighting in cooperative teams, or ranked against other warm-blooded human opponents.

War No will launch into Early Access on Steam January 20, 2022.

In Steam Early Access, War No will be constantly updated with new content, units, game mechanics, scenarios and campaigns. Upon release, players will be able to play skirmish battles, either solo or online, including massive 10v10 battles. They will also be able to explore the Cold War-era arsenal of two nations: the United States and the Soviet Union.

“The Cold War was a decades-long conflict that was never hot,” said Alexis Le Dressay, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Eugen Systems. “Military enthusiasts have long wondered what a ‘what if’ war would have looked like. We believe that with War No, we can show how a conventional third world war would have unfolded. War No is grounded in reality and based on facts, from technology to tactics. And with Early Access, we can give our community, veterans and new players alike, a good start to playing our new game! ”

Main characteristics:

  • Experience in-depth and realistic real-time strategy during the Cold War. From tactics to technology and hundreds of meticulously researched and recreated military units from NATO and Warsaw Pact arsenals.
  • Get to know each unit in detail in Armory, and use that knowledge to your advantage as you build, customize, and polish each unique battlegroup.
  • Witness a battlefield that has never been so beautiful, in the surroundings and brutal destruction. The latest incarnation of Eugen’s exclusive engine simulates modern combat to the max.
  • Take cards online, co-op or solo. Each map has a unique set of objectives with a dynamic frontline that directly results in victory or defeat for one side.
  • Face off against smart and truly challenging AI or pit your tactics and strategy against other players, from 1v1 Ranked Battles to 10v10 Global Battles.
  • Immerse yourself in do-it-yourself operations or the Army General’s massive turn-based strategic campaigns illustrating some of a Cold War’s hardest-fought “what if” scenarios get hot. The massive armies of the Warsaw Pact confront the NATO formations in a vicious fight across Western Europe.
  • Building on the gaming experience of Eugen Systems and previous titles, a host of Quality of Life enhancements will appeal to new and veteran players, from issuing commands during pre-combat deployment to intelligent controls assisted by AI.

War No arrives on PC (To smoke) in 2022.

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