World War 3: This is what would happen if a nuclear bomb fell on New York during WW3

Nuclear bomb

It’s 100 seconds to midnight for the second year in a row – which is the closest to midnight it’s ever been.

The countdown – a metaphor for global collapse – took into account the dangerous threats posed by nuclear weapons, climate change, disruptive technologies and COVID-19, reports Sky News.

Although a nuclear war remains extremely unlikely, it could have a devastating impact.

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President Trump wants to start building ballistic missiles. Photo: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Earlier this year The news revealed that Portsmouth was one of the main Russian targets during the Cold War along with many other cities across the country.

But what about targets in America – could World War III see New York and other major cities targeted by missiles.

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Here’s what would happen if a nuclear bomb was dropped on Portsmouth in the event of…

NUKEMAP calculates the expected number of deaths and injuries that would be caused – based on the size of the bomb dropped on the city – for this story we selected the option of the bomb exploding as an air blast.

So if the 15 kiloton “Little Boy” bomb, which was dropped by the United States on the Japanese city of Hiroshima during World War II, fell on Manhattan, an estimated 263,560 would be killed and 512,000 injured. .

The fireball would have a radius of 180m, the radius of the air blast – which would severely damage buildings – would be 340m, and the radiation radius – where mortality rates would be between 50% and 90% – would be of 1.2 km.

However, the “Little Boy” has not been used since WWII, so if a W-78 350kt nuclear bomb – currently the largest option on NUKEMAP – were used in New York it would be much more devastating. .

With approximately 1,114,230 dead and approximately 2,146,570 injured.

The radius of the fireball would be 0.63 km, the radius of the air blast – which would severely damage buildings – would be 4.95 km, the radius of heat radiation – causing third degree burns, scars , disabilities and may require amputation – would be 7.67 km.

This is all hypothetical and the risk of a nuclear bomb falling on New York or anywhere in the world is extremely low.

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