World War 3: Expert Says UK Should Be Worried About Rising Tensions Between China And US

China and the United States have had strained relations, especially in recent years, and even more so when it comes to the situation with Taiwan, fueling fears of a possible world war. One expert warned that the UK should also be concerned about growing tensions between China and the US.

Speak with ExpressLily Hamourtziadou, a senior lecturer in criminology and security studies at the University of Birmingham, said the UK should be concerned about growing tensions between the US and China, especially since the two countries seem to end up at opposite ends when it comes to Taiwan. Dr Hamourtziadou said this was because the UK was America’s biggest ally.

“Being the United States’ greatest ally, the United Kingdom should be concerned about the growing tensions between the two hegemonic powers, as China and the United States could end up fighting, at the very least, the wars by proxy that we saw during the cold war, ”said the senior lecturer, who added that the UK must avoid getting involved in the conflict between China and the United States.

“UK governments tend to involve Britain in such wars, conflicts and rivalries, but it would be a mistake to get involved in the current dispute,” Dr Hamourtziadou said, noting that the UK might not fail to win against a superpower nation. like China.

“While the evolution of global hegemonic structures – a shift from North America and Western Europe to emerging Asian economies – is worrying and presents serious challenges to the West, the UK does not cannot afford to go to war against such a powerful adversary, ”continued Dr. Hamourtziadou.

China claims Taiwan as part of the mainland and has embarked on a lobbying campaign to bring the island nation and its democratic government into submission to the mainland. The almost constant incursions of Chinese planes into Taiwanese airspace appear to be part of the effort.

Tensions escalated further with fears of a possible world war with the reports that China and Russia have deployed joint naval patrols in the Pacific for the first time. While China has often clashed with the United States over Taiwan, Russia was furious at the possibility of Ukraine joining the NATO alliance, with Japan witnessing recent initiatives by the two countries in the region.

The joint fleet consisted of destroyers, frigates, missile tracking ships and a logistics ship.

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