Venom just revealed Marvel’s Symbiote Cold War – and it’s already started

Venom # 3 sheds light on a new civil war that is steadily developing within the Marvel Universe and could have long-term repercussions.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Venom # 3, available now from Marvel Comics.

Since the events of King in black, the symbiote corner of the Marvel universe has become both larger and more complicated than ever. As Eddie Brock’s role as the living god of the symbiotes took him further from Earth than he could have imagined, the situation at home escalated into what can only be described like a symbiotic arms race. Worse yet, the actors in this Cold War are two of the last organizations that should ever control the powerful alien life forms.

Soon after Eddie Brock ascended the throne of King in Black, his life became a whirlwind of weird impostors and unsettling symbiote attacks. Worse yet, it all culminated in Eddie’s apparent demise at the hands of the Life Foundation. This obscure organization that created new symbiotes and has long been the bane of Venom’s existence has now turned its efforts to a better understanding of these beings as a whole. Venom # 3 (from Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair and Clayton Cowles from VC) reveals that the Life Foundation has collected many living specimens to study and that they are not the only ones working in this direction. .

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While the Life Foundation largely works behind the scenes, Alchemax is the first name in anti-symbiote warfare since the end of Knull’s reign of terror. After Eddie Brock’s triumph over the former King in Black, Alchemax wasted no time in rolling out their latest iteration of the Guardsmen. These newly equipped Super Soldiers have proven themselves capable of hunting down the Symbiote refugees left behind in the aftermath of Knull’s defeat. They also managed to get their hands on Dylan Brock and the Sleeper symbiote. As if that wasn’t enough, society is also linked to Eddie Brock’s most horrific foe: Carnage.

Alchemax weren’t the only ones benefiting from Knull’s downfall, nor the most menacing. Of all those who have screamed through the chaos for glory, it is Carnage who has made the most progress. After being left for dead by Eddie Brock, the murderous symbiote has worked its way up the food chain to the heights of political office. With the already crooked son of a US senator as host, Carnage orchestrated a vicious daytime attack on the public that prompted him to ride a wave of anti-alien sentiment toward a seat in Congress. Not only that, but it also gave him the perfect position to work alongside the leadership of Alchemax, ensuring that both sides of the next symbiotic war are under his command.

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There is no doubt that both the Life Foundation and Alchemax have a goal of developing the next generation of living weapons. In fact, the only question left is which of them will win, with Alchemax currently leading the race.

As the impromptu arms race continues, Dylan and Sleeper search for a way to escape their captors before they come face to face with Carnage. Even so, it is certain that everything will be done to prevent the Marvel Universe from descending headfirst into a different, but no less deadly type of civil war.

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