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In trying to solve the Ukraine problem, some, including Ukrainians, have suggested that the West give Ukraine fighter jets, more sophisticated weapons – long-range missiles, more sophisticated killer drones, etc Ukrainians have long advocated cutting off Russian gas and oil. exports to Europe.

What are the likely results of these measures? Will they weaken Russia or simply inflame it for a bigger and more desperate war? Is the West ready to go to world war with Russia over Ukraine? Fierce opposition to Russia – will they be able to cope with an escalation of the fight? Willingness to fight for freedom and democracy – principles the West had adopted from the United States in South Vietnam against North Vietnam; In favor of the Kurds of Iraq and Turkey. In Afghanistan, the establishment of democracy against the Taliban was a primary objective.

Earlier reports in Vietnam suggest that the belief in freedom and democracy will overcome North Vietnam, they made the same assumptions in Afghanistan by instituting democratic government, open schools, universities, women’s education, etc. The United States formed an army, navy, and air force, with massive support supplies for these military institutions. Yet the fall of the United States in Afghanistan was the most ignominious.

Ukraine should buy American planes, tanks and other war material from Afghanistan.
The lesson of Afghanistan was the ease of the fall of the government and the belief that Americans were foreigners and would come out of the kitchen when it got too hot.
(Compare US support in Libya and the killing of Gaddafi. Results – instability.

Egypt, Chile, left-wing governments – overthrown by the US)
In less than 10 years, Ukraine has gone from the most corrupt country in the world to a bastion of Western democracy.

Suppose Ukraine gets its hands on Russian-built fighter jets from Poland, planes that Poland acquired or gave to Poland during the Soviet era when Poland and most of Europe from the East were in the part of Warsaw. An irony of Russian planes used to fight Russia!!

Consider the proposal that Afghanistan should sell, donate, and equip – any word of filler super fighters in Venezuela and Cuba, would the United States agree to that?

Can Ukraine just go to Poland and fly these Russian-built jets to fight for their freedom? Ukraine asks for defensive weapons? How elastic is the word defend? If Ukraine had its jets equipped with air-to-surface missiles and it had the ability to fly over Russia and destroy Russian aircraft and other infrastructure in the name of defence?

When the United States decided to defend democracy in Vietnam against the Vietcong autocracy in the North, it made similar noises to what it is now making in Ukraine. They portrayed the Vietcong as enemies of freedom, using brute force to subjugate a people yearning for freedom. Their initial coverage focused on coverage of the South Vietnamese and the corresponding viciousness and brutality of the Vietcong. It was the story of the American servicemen who began to be brought back in more and more bags. The United States needs more soldiers and has embarked on a natural service for American citizens in this regard. People like Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted on the pretext that the Vietnamese were not his enemies; no Vietnamese had chained the blacks. As the war went from bad to worse, the propaganda of the Vietnamese press went from one absurdity to another.

Secret files on the actual course of the war were hidden. A few brave souls leaked details of how serious the war was for the United States; significant protest movements in universities and among young people have intensified causing the birth of the peace movement. As the reality of war dawned, Johnson’s presidency became impossible. He left in disgrace. The eventual humiliating departure of the United States from Vietnam was comparable to the same shameless flight from Afghanistan.

The coverage of Ukraine and Russia recalls the same attitude/coverage of the wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. In the case of 9/11, the United States deliberately deceived the world by accusing Saddam Hussein of having weapons of mass destruction – the same accusation made against Assad of Syria and Gaddafi of Libya.

In Afghanistan, Kaisi’s government was the democratic government. The people love democracy, it was enough to show them how to deny it and the hated Taliban would dissolve before the superior ideology of freedom and democracy.

They repeated this: their war song in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. today none of these countries is a democracy. I have already mentioned Egypt and Chile where the people followed democratic rule. The result did not please the West and these regimes fell in the war crimes investigations.

Does the United States accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court? The water boarding of Abu Gheri and other atrocities against the Arabs make it clear that the United States views itself and its soldiers as incapable of committing war crimes.

How does the United States explain Guantanamo Bay which still holds prisoners from Syria? The United States does not accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, why should Russia?

More advanced weapons to Ukraine to shoot Russians; and the oil embargo against Russia risk aggravating the war. Is it possible that Russia will lose this war and remain a world power? If not, wouldn’t Russia be encouraged to use nuclear weapons just to reassert its declining position as a world power? Those who saw in Russia’s current predicament a golden opportunity to further weaken Russia and remove it from the exclusive club of power in the world. Russia’s response may well herald a Third World War. The West may want to humiliate Russia who might strike to maintain its position in the world. The alternative may not be acceptable or acceptable to the main participants.
Dr Cole (OFR) is a former Nigerian Ambassador to Brazil.

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