This British War Medal is only awarded to animals

Dictators tend to be colorful people. They are constantly alone, afraid of a lot of strange things and are really paranoid, everyone is going to kill them. They have absolute power but their egos are thin as an eggshell. They are fragile, volatile and worry all the time. Or maybe they’re just a little crazy to have absolute power all the time.

A look back at other dictators shows they all have strange quirks. For example, Hitler refused to eat meat but thought it was okay to take methamphetamine every day. François “Papa Doc” Duvalier was so obsessed with JKF that he sent someone to collect the air around the grave of the late president. Duvalier though the air would help him control JKF’s mind. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. Muammar Gaddafi’s crush on Condoleezza Rice rivals anything we’ve seen coming out of Hollywood.

And that’s just the beginning. The more closely you look at dictators, the more bizarre you realize they are. They are all a little weird. Saddam Hussein was no different.

1. He wrote a bestselling romance novel

His book was originally published anonymously, but everyone knows that Hussein wrote “Zabiba and the King”. In the decade between its publication and the Gulf War, the Iraqi dictator encouraged Iraqi artists to tell fabricated stories about the “idyllic life” of citizens in Iraq. He wanted to “bring back to the people the exploits of the ‘Mother of all battles’”.

Typical of a self-centered dictator, the author of the book said he wanted to remain anonymous … while fueling news leaks. Iraqi newspapers began to report that Hussein could be the author and the legend was born. The novel immediately becomes a bestseller. Then it was turned into a musical spectacle. However, we don’t know if we will ever be able to witness this performance.

The CIA believes the book was probably written by ghosts with advice from Hussein.

2. He received a UNESCO prize for improving the quality of life in Iraq

Hussein was vice chairman of the Baath Party from 1968 to 1979. At that time, he created a nationwide literacy program, setting up reading circles in Iraqi cities. Failure to attend these classes was punishable by three years’ imprisonment.

He built roads, schools, and hospitals, and created a public health system that was the best in the area. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization honored his contribution to the eradication of illiteracy in his country.

This British War Medal is only awarded to animals
(Iraqi News Agency)

Then, in 1979, he took power. His actions in the years to come would pass off his development work as a planned deception.

3. A Saddam-like character was featured in a Justice League comic

In a 1999 comic, the Justice League of America – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and others – saw UN weapons inspectors kicked out of the rogue Middle Eastern nation. from Kirai. Meanwhile, a well-meaning but naive new member of the League named Antaeus kills the country’s dictator (who looks a lot like Saddam) rather than doing things the JLA way.

The country sinks into a multi-faction civil war, ethnic conflict, regional powers exerting military influence and a battleground for the ongoing fight between Sunni and Shia Islam.

It was 1999. If only President Bush read DC Comics.

4. He destroyed an entire civilization

Saddam accused the Arabs of the Iraqi swamps of colluding with the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. In order to kill them all more easily, he drained the legendary swamps – once considered the biblical Garden of Eden. The area of ​​9,000 square kilometers was slowly shrinking to 760 by the time of the 2003 American invasion.

This British War Medal is only awarded to animals
(Photo by Salim Virji, used with permission)

The inhabitants of these wetlands were either killed or forced to flee Saddam’s paranoid anger. After the dictator was ousted, the Iraqis destroyed the dams preventing water from returning to the wetlands and its former inhabitants began to return.

In 2016, UNESCO named the wetlands a World Heritage Site.

5. Hussein pledged $ 94 million to help the poor in the United States

Long before September 11, 2001 changed the future of American foreign policy and the day before President George W. Bush took office, Saddam Hussein sought to send $ 94 million to the United States. The reason: “Humanitarian aid for” Homeless and miserable Americans living in poverty. “

6. He received the key to the city of Detroit

The year he took power in Iraq, Hussein received a congratulatory note from Reverend Jacob Yasso in Detroit. The dictator sent Yasso and his congregation of Chaldean Christians $ 250,000. The Chaldeans are a sect of Christianity with roots in today’s Iraq.

This British War Medal is only awarded to animals
Yasso (right) hands the Key to Detroit to Saddam Hussein. (Iraqi State Media)

Saddam invited Yasso to come to Baghdad for a meeting. Yasso decided to offer the Iraqi dictator the key to the city of Detroit, thanks to then-mayor Coleman Young. As a thank you, Hussein then donated an additional $ 200,000 to the church.

7. He hated Froot Loops

Saddam’s personal jailer, while a prisoner, fell into the hands of the US Army SPC. Sean O’Shea, a Pennsylvania National Guard. O’Shea cleaned the floor of Saddam’s cell, served him meals and was basically a kind of servant to Saddam Hussein.

The old man gave her advice on everything from women to home remedies. One of the few times O’Shea has ever “seen him look defeated” was when the prison ran out of Raisin Bran Crunch and had to serve the Froot Loops guy. The dictator hated them.

(Read more about Spc. O’Shea’s life with Saddam at GQ)

8. He proposed to debate George W. Bush on live television

In an effort to prevent the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the dictator offered to debate US President George W. Bush live on television. In a three-hour interview with CBS News, he offered a satellite link to debate the US president.

“I am ready to conduct a direct dialogue – a debate – with your president,” Saddam Hussein said as quoted by CBS. “I will say what I want and he will say what he wants.”

The White House said the offer was not serious, but Hussein reiterated his position.

“This is something that I sincerely offer out of respect for the people of the United States, the people of Iraq and the people of the world. I ask this because war is no joke.

9. He commissioned a Quran written in his own blood

Despite the fact that the use of blood to write a Quran is considered to be haram – forbidden – in every sect, branch, branch of Islam, this has never stopped Saddam Hussein. He ordered one on his 60th birthday. Calligrapher Abbas Shakir Joudi wrote 6,000 verses and 336,000 words from the Quran using 50 pints of blood in two years.

This British War Medal is only awarded to animals

If you are a blood specialist who is wondering if it is possible to donate so much blood over two years, you are not alone. A blood donor expert once estimated that it would have taken at least nine years to donate so much blood safely. This sort of thing never stopped Saddam Hussein either.

10. Young Saddam Was Raised By A Single Mother And Wanted To Become A Lawyer

Saddam was raised by his mother after his father once smoked. His father was a shepherd, so it’s not clear where he went. But the main male influence in Saddam’s life was his uncle, who was a member of the Baath Party. Saddam’s brother died of cancer. Then his mother could not afford to take care of him. So Saddam was sent to live with his Arab nationalist uncle and a dictator was born. Saddam eventually traveled to Egypt to study law. But that was only after a failed assassination attempt against incumbent Iraqi President Abd al-Karim Qasim.

When Qasim was permanently ousted in 1963, Saddam the educated lawyer returned to Iraq and the Baath Party.

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