Nick Saban Is Trying To Stop The Global College Coach War: ‘I Apologize’ – OutKick

Alabama head coach Nick Saban responded to the backlash that ensued when he spoke about the state of NIL and attacked specific programs and coaches.

As relayed by Cole Cubelic, Saban posted a response on Thursday, going back to some of the comments directed at Texas A&M and coach Jimbo Fisher.

Saban said, via SiriusXMCollege, “I never really should have singled out anyone, that was a mistake and I apologize.”

The Alabama coach had the wisdom to stop an all-out war between SEC coaches, especially in the NIL era. Saban also hailed Jackson State’s overnight recruiting success, aided by NFL legend and JSU coach Deion Sanders.

OutKick founder Clay Travis likened Saban’s comments and Jimbo’s presser Thursday (in response) to a heated boxing rivalry over his viciously pointed criticism.

Check out Trey Wallace’s recap of Wednesday’s Saban interview.

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