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Boris Johnson’s pledge to increase defense spending falls far short of what is needed if the war in Ukraine spills over to other European countries and escalates into World War III, the former first lord has warned of the sea, Admiral Lord West, on GB News. With the war showing no signs of abating and Russian troops advancing in Ukraine, fear is mounting that Putin may target other neighboring countries – the last country threatened was Lithuania because of its blockade of the EU. Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. In response to this threat, Boris Johnson has pledged to invest 2.5% of GDP in defense by the end of the decade, the day the NATO summit closes.

A bewildered Lord West raised his concerns on GB News, saying: “What I find very extraordinary at the moment is that we have a war in Europe. And there is a possibility of a world war .

“And yet the government still hasn’t added spending to defense in the short term. There are shortfalls in the stocks. There are shortfalls in the maintenance of the equipment, which is not ready. There are shortages in numbers.

“All of these things need to be dealt with, and they should have been as soon as it became clear there was a war going on in Europe a few months ago.

“And that just didn’t happen. To say that we’re going to increase our defense spending to 2.5% by the end of the decade. Well, I was thrilled when people realized that it was necessary to spend more. But this is not solving the current problem.”

“And I’m shocked when you find out that the Chief of the Defense Staff talks about our ability to deploy and arm a division, which is fully stocked and has all the maintenance done, is capable of dealing with a even competitor. It will not be until the 2030s.

“There are discussions about the number of ships. And they say, ‘oh, the number of ships in the Navy is increasing. – This is not the case. He falls. At the beginning of last week, we had 17 operational major warships in our navy, once the largest navy in the world – which is appalling.

“And it probably won’t be possible to add numbers or increase them until the 2030s. Now it’s okay if the person you’re fighting says, ‘let’s wait until the UK has all its forces sorted in the 2030s But that’s not what the real world looks like.

“So I find that very disturbing.”

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Joining Lord West’s appeal, MP Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defense committee, said Boris Johnson’s commitment came “too little too late”. Instead of a two percent target, he filed for three percent.

Julian Lewis, chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, pointed out that UK defense spending was around 4.1-5.5% during the last decade of the Cold War.

In a stern warning to Boris Johnson’s government, Lord West said defense spending was dramatically cut by a third under David Cameron’s coalition government in 2010 – and has since failed to return to levels of the Cold War.

“The reality is that over a great number of years defense has been sliced ​​up. And if you go back to 2010, the coalition defense review cut our military by a third. But I don’t think most people in Britain really insisted on that. So cutting your army down by a third is quite a statement.”

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