Inside an abandoned gunpowder factory hidden in the mountains since World War II

An urban explorer has unearthed a gunpowder factory hidden in a maze of tunnels left abandoned since World War II.

The guy behind the Urbex Facebook page with Madsen explored abandoned places across Europe when he discovered the forgotten site among the mountains in Sweden.

Once inside, he found rusty lockers that had been strangely left wide open after the staff’s last day.

Machinery covered in black soot from the harsh graft of the day remains in the dank, damp tunnels, showing how harsh the working conditions were.

Some of the machines are falling apart and a temperature gauge has even rusted away in a permanent location.

The tunnels of the abandoned gunpowder factory were dark and dingy working conditions for the workers

Describing its dark images, Madsen, from Denmark, wrote: “This gunpowder factory was hidden in the mountain and consisted of many small tunnels that led us to larger spaces.

“Production began with the start of World War II and ended when the war ended.”

Fascinated military enthusiasts flocked to the comments to praise the incredible find.

abandoned gunpowder factory
The rotting material was forgotten for almost 80 years

One user said, “It’s amazing what we do to survive in our world? Sounds like a cool place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to work there myself.”

Another added: “I would love to visit this place. I love anything WWII related.”

But a third fan joked that “with the way things are going, we have to get this place back up and running” in reference to recent World War III fears with Russian troops massing near the Ukrainian border.

abandoned gunpowder factory
Madsen peeked inside an abandoned gunpowder factory hidden in Sweden since World War II

Although the location of this gunpowder factory in Sweden is unconfirmed, there is an abandoned gunpowder factory in Tyfors, western Sweden, according to TravelBlogEurope.

During its operations, it would replenish its ammunition stocks should the threat of invasion become a reality.

The army decided this would be the ideal place to build it just over 60 miles from the Norwegian border as it had good road and rail access.

abandoned gunpowder factory
The gunpowder factory is hidden in a maze of tunnels in the Swedish mountains

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The plant consisted of an aerial part and an underground part.

The basement was blasted inside the nearby mountain and was large enough to fit a car through.

It is unclear when operations began from the factory, but some claim they began as early as 1938.

abandoned gunpowder factory
Some equipment is sooty and falling apart

But it is certain that it was used throughout World War II and had up to 200 local staff at its height.

The news comes after an urban explorer discovered a collection of military vehicles believed to have been used during the Cold War by the British Army.

abandoned gunpowder factory
Rusty lockers were left open after the factory closed at the end of the war

Posting a collection of images from an unknown location, the explorer, known as ‘Outwiththebutler’, fascinated fans with the vast collection of planes and vans that were left to rust in the drizzly British weather for decades.

The paint has faded, but the unmistakable Royal Air Force aircraft badge is still visible on the side, leading one fan to speculate it was a series of ‘veteran aircraft’ of the cold war”.

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