Help a WWII veterinarian celebrate his 100th birthday in Dover, NH

Locals in the Dover area are planning a birthday party and have requested cards for a WWII veteran who served in the Navy and was part of the Sicilian campaign.

Frank West turns 100 on Tuesday.

West lives at Wentworth Home on Central Avenue in Dover. A friend Malcolm Kenney, of South Berwick, Maine, said West moved to the facility next to the hospital about six years ago.

Prior to that, West lived across from the post office and ate daily at Harvey’s Bakery and Coffee Shop.

“Frank and I have been friends for years across the VFW,” Kenney said Thursday morning.

Kenney is hosting an in-person celebration for West on Tuesday and is also hoping people send cards to West at his retirement home.

“Frank’s mind is probably sharper than mine, even at 100,” said Kenney, 82. “I am honored to be able to do this.”

Kenney is excited to be working with Marga Coulp, who helped organize a similar event for Ray Goulet from Portsmouth when he turned 98 in January.

Coulp said she would bring a basket on Tuesday so people celebrating West’s special day from the sidewalk in front of the nursing home can place their cards there.

Coulp hopes people will bring American signs and flags. She also plans to bring a Navy flag.

“I would like to see a good presence for him so that he sees a lot of flags. It’s all about Frank,” Coulp said.

West was sworn in with the Navy on August 28, 1942, according to his records. He won a European theater ribbon with one star, an Asian Pacific ribbon with five stars, a Philippine liberation ribbon with two stars, an American theater ribbon and a victory ribbon.

Her date of separation is January 21, 1946, according to her records.

“This guy is a real hero,” Kenney said.

In a copy of a newspaper from Millville, NJ, dated August 23, 1943, West was shown speaking while on leave. He was back from the Sicilian countryside.

West said he was assigned as a flagman and machine gun operator on a 36-foot vehicle ramp. It was the duty of his crew to deliver their cargo of ammunition and men to the beach.

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world,” West told the reporter. He was 21 at the time.

Dover Citizen of the Year Matt Mayberry is planning to attend West’s birthday celebration to be held across from Wentworth Home.

On Thursday morning, Mayberry posted a request for the card on Facebook and shared the establishment’s address.

Those who wish to send cards can address them to:

Frank West

c / o Wentworth Home

795, avenue du Center

Dover, NH, 03820

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