Fascinating Cold War Spy Movies You Should Watch

Spies are cool, whether in movies or in real life. While some of the movie’s characters are unrealistic in terms of impossible missions and their incredible skills, it’s still fascinating to watch. If you’re tired of watching James Bond, you might want to check out these Cold War spy movies:

The spy from the cold

Poster The spy who came in from the cold. © 1965 – Paramount Images / IMDB

Originally a novel Written by British author John le Carré, The Spy from the Cold became a highly anticipated 1965 film starring Richard Burton, a British spy named Alec Leamas whom the East Germans recruited. He was, in fact, on a mission to sow misinformation. In the turn of events, Alec discovered that his mission was different from what he thought it really was.

Torn curtain

Poster for Torn Curtain. © 1966 – Universal Images / IMDB

Torn Curtain was a film produced in 1966 about an American physicist named Michael Armstrong who claimed to defect to East Germany. This shocked even his fiancée, who decided to follow him behind the iron curtain. It turned out that Michael was not a spy but a double agent working to uncover Soviet nuclear secrets.

The Falcon and the Snowman

The poster of the falcon and the snowman. © 1985 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved / IMDB

This movie was based on the 1979 book The Falcon and the Snowman: A True Story of Friendship and Spying by Robert Lindsey. It tells the story of two childhood friends, Christopher Boyce (played by Timothy Hutton) and Andrew Daulton Lee (played by Sean Penn), who sold American secrets to the USSR after Christopher became frustrated with the relationship secrets of the US government. He trained his friend Andrew, a drug addict, in espionage. Motivated by the amount of money he was going to earn, he agreed and contacted and dealt with KGB agents in Mexico on Christopher’s behalf. Things turned out tough as the two got more into the whole act.

Handyman, tailor, spy soldier

Poster for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (movie). © 2011 – Focus Features / IMDB

Also based on novel by John le Carré, is the story of the hunt for a Soviet double agent at the top of the British secret service. In 1970s London, the head of MI6 assigned an agent to uncover the identity of a Soviet spy within the ranks of the organization by meeting a Hungarian general who knew who it was. However, the general died and could not reveal his identity. Undersecretary Oliver Lacson had to call aging veteran agent George Smiley back to find out who the mole was and prevent classified British information from leaking to the Russians.

Have you watched any of these? Which of them was your favorite? Share with us your favorite movie set during the Cold War.

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