Demonstration “Stop racism, no the cold war” in London

Bianca Rahimi

Press TV, London

It’s London’s Chinatown. Nearly 18 million visitors pass through it each year, but since the pandemic began in 2019, business owners here have struggled with declining sales, vandalism and boycotts.

East and South East Asians are the UK’s third largest racial minority. Nonetheless, they are under-represented here, portrayed negatively on TV shows, and anti-Asian sentiment is alive and well. Meanwhile, the British government is accused of making the situation worse.

Tensions were high during Saturday’s protest, sparking clashes. The unverified word on the street is that the counter-protest was funded by far-right nationalist groups who are using Covid-19 as an opportunity to promote anti-globalization sentiments and protectionist measures like closing borders.

Remember Jacob Rees-Mogg, the House leader, who only recently spoke about “yellow peril” and then he said, oh I didn’t know that was a racist statement.

This is what the British government is. Constantly making statements about the Chinese and then saying oh I didn’t know that was racist. In other circumstances, if you say the N word or the P word these days, everyone knows that is a racist term. Not for the Chinese.

China’s growing influence in the world is seen with some sorrow in Western countries. And with some politicians choosing to nickname Covid-19 the Chinese virus, attacks on East and Southeast Asians have increased by 300% in the UK.

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