Cold War conspiracy, LSD and medical secrets, Gently’s double murder case gets complex

Some cases are open and closed while others take a rather unusual turn. A murder in a Turkish bath initially looked like a simple straightforward case to Gently with clear indications of the culprit as witnesses put the man at the crime scene. By the time they start man-hunting, it starts to get complicated. His psychiatrist reveals he was showing signs of schizophrenia, while his brother claims he was far too soft to kill a man – and when a second body shows up, the duo are drawn into a world of medical secrets in an army test center. The case makes Gently open about his past and much is revealed explaining Gently’s character.

Still from ‘Inspector George Gently’

Inspector George Gently is a British crime drama set in the sixties in the idyllic village of Northumberland. Martin Shaw plays lead character Inspector George Gently with Lee Ingleby as his partner Detective Inspector Bacchus. As the show is set in the 60s, it addresses many issues that were prevalent at the time. In addition, the police techniques were quite different, different styles of investigation, treatment, etc. George Gently is a cop with a charming personality and a strong sense of justice. He believes in what is right and there are no two ways to achieve this. He is fearsome and makes decisions he thinks are right and does not bend the rules.

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