British war veteran advises leaders on resilience during disruptive times

John Peters, elder; British POW and President of the Association of MBAs, shared his insights on how leaders can build resilient organizations regardless of adversity and volatility.

Peters, who is expected to lecture on TEXEM UK’s August program on the same subject, made his views known in a monitored online interview on the TEXEM website.

The theme of the program taking place August 22-25 in Birmingham is “Building Resilience for Sustainable Success in an Age of Disruption”.

Peters also spoke about how the Russian-Ukrainian crisis is affecting global businesses and solutions for executives and business leaders.

“As businesses and governments seek to rebound from the pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has clouded its economic outlook.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine adds new problems to already strained global supply chains and difficult economic prospects.

“And this crisis has led to higher oil prices, increased transportation and manufacturing costs, exports including natural gas, precious metals and wheat will negatively impact businesses in various sectors” , did he declare.

Peters said this increased the risk of restricted trade and capital flows and could weigh on overall confidence and trading conditions.

He predicted that disagreements between Russia and NATO over security issues are likely to persist for the longer term.

Peters also explained why executives should attend TEXEM UK’s next programme.

“Leaders are navigating a tsunami of challenges in a post-COVID world, with the added crisis in Ukraine affecting global markets.

“These impose a wide range of interrelated issues that range from protecting their employees and customers, to consolidating cash and liquidity, to reorienting operations and navigating their market.

“This program is designed to help leaders survive and thrive in these turbulent times to best position their business to be resilient in the future,” he said.

Peters said the program will provide practical tools and conversations that will help leaders survive these difficult times.

Other faculty expected at the Birmingham event are Ambassador Charles Crawford (Academy Award winner for Strategic Communications) and Professor Paul Griffith (the world’s first management professor to lead a team to launch a rocket).

Peters asserted that resilient leaders must be genuinely, sincerely empathetic, walking with compassion in the place of employees, customers and their broader ecosystems.

He added that these leaders must simultaneously adopt a hard and rational line to protect financial performance from the invariable weakness that accompanies global disruptions.

“Resilient leaders stay focused on the horizon, anticipating new business models that may emerge and driving the innovations that will define tomorrow,” Peters said.

He said that because global shocks have exposed outdated modus operandi and poor leadership, resilient leaders should aim for speed rather than elegance.

Peters said resilient leaders would always take decisive action — courageously — on the basis of flawed information, knowing that opportunism was key.

He listed four areas of focus in unpredictable situations for an organization in times of volatility.

Peters said that while each organization has its priorities, it should pay attention to the four short-term areas.

These are: expanding and accelerating scenario planning, assessing and mitigating operational risks,

implement effective cost control measures; and the evaluation and implementation of divestment decisions.

“Ideas on how to thrive despite unstable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times will be shared by other faculties and myself.

“We will adopt TEXEM’s tried and tested methodology for pedagogy at TEXEM, the UK’s forthcoming Building Resilience For Sustainable Success In An Age Of Disruption,” he said.

John Peters is an elder; Prisoner of war and president of the Association of MBAs.

The Association accredits Harvard, London Business School, IMD and Wharton.

A documentary about the life of John Peter was nominated for a BAFTA and won Independent Documentary of the Year. (NOPE)

(Editing by Razak Owolabi

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