British war hero: Biden is more of a danger to the West than the Taliban

A highly decorated British Army soldier said he was “absolutely shocked” by President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, making the 20 Years War “a total mess”.

“6,500 people have died, including 3,000 in the Twin Towers, and we haven’t accomplished anything,” said the retired Special Operations Staff Sgt. Trevor Coult, who was celebrated by both the Queen and President George W. Bush.

“He destroyed 20 years of work in less than 24 hours.

Coult served for 21 years in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, where he participated in 178 enemy engagements and survived three bombings. The Queen awarded him one of the UK’s highest honors, the Military Cross, for saving Allied lives in an ambush. Bush also awarded him a presidential citation during a White House dinner.

Trevor Coult


“Biden is the most incompetent president in US history,” Coult told the Washington Examiner. “He befriended terrorists. The White House is not a friend of the West. It is a danger while he is president.

Coult said he has told many British generals and special ops officers about Biden, and they all agree that no one can understand his logic.

Trevor Coult meets with President George Bush

Trevor Coult

“We believe Biden is more of a threat to the West than the Taliban ever was. Without a shadow of a doubt. He betrayed us, ”Coult said.

The comments come after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Europe and NATO should be prepared to act when the United States is unwilling.

“For me, one of the most alarming developments of recent times has been the feeling that the West lacks the capacity to formulate a strategy,” Blair said. “That his short-term political imperatives have simply reduced the space for long-term thinking.”

Blair is just one of many British politicians who have criticized Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, spurred on by reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s White House calls were ignored for 36 hours for the initial chaos. The British Parliament despised Biden.


As for future relations with the United States, all military cooperation with his Western allies is likely over until a new president is elected, Coult said, reiterating his conversations with military leaders and public sentiment. .

“We don’t know what he’s going to do. Why would you help someone who turns their back on us? Coult said. “He nailed that door shut.

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