Boost UK arms stockpiles to Cold War levels, MPs tell Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is expected to order UK arms stocks to be increased ‘at least to the scale of Cold War arsenals’ as he faces renewed pressure to increase defense spending.

A 1922 defense committee report stated that military cuts should be “immediately halted” and that defense spending should increase in real terms.

The committee was one of several set up by Mr Johnson in February as part of a bid to appease Tory backbenchers after the ‘partygate’ scandal.

The report, on which Tory MPs have been consulted, will be presented personally to the Prime Minister, John Baron, the chairman of the committee, saying he “would be well advised to listen to his backbench MPs”.

He argues that the Government’s Integrated Review, published last year to chart the UK’s place in global politics over the next decade, is already out of date due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine .

Plans to cut troop numbers from 10,000 to 72,500 by 2025, leaving the armed forces at their lowest level in 200 years, were ‘based on the assumption of peace’ and must be ‘stopped immediately’ “, according to the report.

He also recommended that “large stockpiles of advanced arms and ammunition, at least on the scale of Cold War arsenals” be built up as “Ukraine is showing that modern warfare can run through such stockpiles much faster. provided that”.

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