As usual, many American experts invoke the Second World War, the thirst for war with Russia

Nevertheless, there are a host of American commentators who persist in denying the obvious. In response to suggestions that NATO is publicly stating that Ukraine will not join the organization, Atlanticby Tom Nichols tweeted, “It’s not about NATO, and letting Putin *do* everything for NATO – including dragging us into this kind of move – is a fundamental mistake.” Another one Atlantic Falcon, Anne Applebaum, argued, “When Putin attacked Ukraine in 2014, it was not because of ‘NATO.'” (Applebaum claims to be the only one who understands the mind of the Russian leader.) always been a non-issue, even though NATO has promised Ukraine that it could join the alliance in 2008. No matter how often Russian officials repeat their objections, US foreign policy elites won’t listen. And it’s hard to refute the idea that NATO is irrelevant in the current crisis, because US policymakers have never made any concessions to Russia over NATO.

Punish Russian citizens

Since the United States and Britain, like all powerful states, have caused their share of chaos in the world, one would hope that commentators would want to observe a distinction between governments and their populations. We would be wrong. “I’m not as inclined as others to make a sharp distinction between Russia and Putin,” said the British security expert. Bruno Maçães supported. “If a criminal war takes place, every Russian who did not take a stand when he could and perhaps even when it was still possible to do so safely, will also be guilty.” Besides being immoral, this perspective, if adopted as policy, would lead to collective punishment, a violation of international law.

Putin follows a long line of Russian leaders, from Catherine the Great to Vladimir Lenin, who have trampled on the country’s neighbors. For hundreds of years, other peoples of Eastern Europe must have feared that they might one day fall into the crosshairs of someone in power in Moscow. The fact of Russia’s historic power means that Western officials in the 1990s and early 2000s should have understood that their former adversary’s weakness was temporary. Now, the United States and its allies have no choice but to use robust sanctions and other non-violent means to resist Russian aggression in Ukraine. But let’s hope they ignore some of our experts and stop there.

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