Are you ready for the WWII WARNO simulator? – GameTyrant


Eugen Systems unveils his next title TO WARN, a spiritual successor of War game. The project will be released on Steam Early Access next month! Set as a WW3 battle simulator that aims to be updated regularly with new content, units, game mechanics, scenarios and campaigns.

Upon release, players will be able to play skirmish, solo and online battles, including massive 10v10 battles! The game will also show the Cold War era arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union. Set in 1989, an alternate universe begins to take shape where the cold war degenerates into world war. NATO and the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact enter a divided Germany, where war is at hand!

The title appears to be immersive and realistic, allowing players to use their entire arsenal of warfare, from conscripts and Spetsnaz, to main battle tanks, attack helicopters, and stealth attack aircraft. The combat units that will be used have been researched by the developers in order to recreate what the nations actually had at that time.

TO WARN will launch in Early Access on Steam on January 20, 2022. For more information, see the official trailer below! We can’t wait to see this game and its epic battles come to life next month!


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