‘American stealth bomber’ spotted as World War III fears escalate

Image: Reddit

As the Taiwan issue escalates tensions between the United States and China, a Google Maps user spotted what appears to be an American stealth bomber flying over cultivated fields. A Reddit user posted captures of the apparent plane alongside the coordinates as people’s fears about World War III continue to grow. Early reports that the plane was in Chinese airspace were quickly corrected.

Relations between China and the United States have deteriorated in recent months as China claims Taiwan, an island about 100 miles from its southeast coast. The United States supports Taiwan because it has said it does not want to be absorbed by China. This led to a war of words between the two superpowers, leaving the door open for a more physical escalation.

The increase in Chinese military activity in Taiwan has raised global concerns, including warplanes in Taiwanese airspace and ships off the coast. Now, with the new image unveiled, people think the United States is responding by sending planes over China, raising fears of WWIII.

Google users were amazed at what appears to be a stealth plane flying over fields, shaped like a B2 Stealth Bomber, a two-seater stealth aircraft designed during the Cold War. The Daily Star reported that a Reddit user posted screenshots of the image with the caption “Google maps may see stealth planes.” Google Maps images are retrieved from satellites or planes.

The gray arrow-shaped jet in the image is blurred as if it were moving at high speed. Early rumors that the plane was in Chinese airspace were later dismissed when the coordinates were revealed. It was seen on camera at coordinates 39 ° 01’18.5 ″ N, 93 ° 35’40.5 ″ W over cultivated fields in the United States.

Last month there were reports of an American warship passing through the Taiwan Strait despite rising tensions, as China threatens to take the country by force. China took this as the United States trying to increase tensions, and experts are now worried about what that might mean for the idea of ​​World War III.

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