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East Bethany — Silverline Comics* has launched “STEAM PATRIOTS,” a comic book series that bills itself as “An American Steampunk Revolution,” co-created by East Bethany native and Coast Guard veteran Scott Wakefield.

The Alexander High School graduate and his co-author, veteran and Cleveland, Ohio native Rory Boyle, imagined their world years ago and now see it come to life. Their creative team is complemented by editing, coloring and lettering by Batavia artist Dan Hosek.

The three join the Silverline team of accomplished artists, adding their title to a long list of exciting stories.

“The storytelling is very strong and the dialogue shines,” said Chuck Dixon, world-renowned creator for Marvel and DC Comics.

Fellow comic artist Gary Kwapisz added “STEAM PATRIOTS” gives us a colorful and unique look at the original Revolutionary War!

“This is the first title we’ve done with some sort of historical connection,” said Silverline editor Roland Mann. “But it’s part of who Silverline is when we make our ‘genre-wide’ claim. I’m thrilled to be able to add it to the range. I think people are going to really like it.”

In fact, the preliminary reviews of “STEAM PATRIOTS” are fantastic.

Accomplished actor, voice actor and creator of “The World of Steam” Matt Yang King said, “Intrigue! Rebellion! Ben Franklin as a steampunk engineer? ! Sign me up!

And Image Comics author of “Moriarty” and “Red City” writes “‘STEAM PATRIOTS’ is like a sci-fi ‘Johnny Tremain’ – giving us a likeable hero who teams up with real figures from history to fight impossible odds. It’s a very exciting tale, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

“STEAM PATRIOTS” is set in a steampunk world where steam technology is in its infancy and America is at war for independence from Britain. The story’s young hero, Felix Ward (top picture)has a mind like no other, and he must help Ben Franklin, George Washington, and other heroes defeat the British juggernaut.

In line with Silverline Comics’ crowdfunding model, “STEAM PATRIOTS” is complete and ready for print. The first comic contains 24 pages of story and art.

Here is the link to the “STEAM PATRIOTS” website.

Here is Silverline’s Facebook page; subscribe to their mailing list to keep up to date with all the Silverline news!

The Kickstarter campaign for “STEAM PATRIOTS” started yesterday, May 13, and will continue until May 30.

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“STEAM PATRIOTS” is a registered trademark and copyright ©Scott Wakefield & Rory Boyle. All rights reserved.

*Silverline Comics is an independent publisher of comics and graphic novels spanning all genres.

Below is the completed page 1 of the first “STEAM PATRIOTS” comic.

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