American Revolutionary War: battles that changed the game

Earlier this month, the United States celebrated its Independence Day on July 4. This day holds tremendous significance in American history, as the founding fathers of the American nation proclaimed the Declaration of Independence which led to the formation of a sovereign American state. Victory over colonial Britain was not achieved easily, but was the result of a bitter war called the American Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence. The Eight Years’ War which began in 1775 resulted in the defeat of British forces.

Several battles are considered essential in the Revolutionary War. These bear witness to the jagged nature of war

1. Battle of Monmouth (July 28, 1778)

This battle took place at Monmouth. New Jersey. General George Washington ordered Charles Lee, the second in command, to take a small army force and engage the British until he mustered a new army and came to his aid. Lee attacked the British force but after several hours of fighting ordered his forces to retreat. Washington, with his troops, encountered Lee in New Jersey and together they attacked the retreating British, resulting in victory for the Continental Army.

2. Battle of King’s Mountain (October 1780)

This battle took place in South Carolina between Patriot Militia (militia supporting the Revolutionaries) and Loyalist forces (supporting the British). It was one of the bloodiest battles of the war. The patriot militia attacks the loyalist army which refuses to surrender. The loyalists then led a suicidal charge down the mountain but were cut down by the Patriot militia.

The loyalist army suffered 157 casualties, 163 wounded and 698 captured. The Patriot militia suffered only 28 deaths.

3. Battle of Fort Ticonderoga (May 1775)

Fort Ticonderoga was a strategic location. Whoever controlled it had access to Canada and the Hudson River Valley. The revolutionaries attacked the fort on May 10, 1775 at dawn. The attack took the sleeping British troops by surprise. The capture of the fort was an important first victory for the revolutionaries.

4. Battle of Cowpens (January 1781)

This battle took place in South Carolina. The general at the head of the revolutionary force ordered his men to leave the front after firing only two cannon shots. The British took this for a rout and raced forward, only to be cut down by the revolutionaries. British forces suffered 800 casualties while only 100 Revolutionary Army fighters were killed.

5. Battle of Saratoga (October 1777)

The Battle of Saratoga definitely turned the Revolutionary War in favor of the Americans. In the first Battle of Saratoga, the British emerged victorious. However, the victory proved costly for the British. On October 7, British forces attacked the Americans at Bemis Heights. However, this battle ended in British defeat.

The American victory at the Battle of Saratoga convinced Britain’s colonial rivals like France that the British were losing the war. The French then began to actively supply the Americans, which again turned the tide in favor of the Americans.

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