Aftermath Review – Army of the Dead (PS5)

World War Z Aftermath is a brand new expansion for 2019 Second World War, this is presented almost as a pseudo-sequel. It’ll set you back $ 39.99 as a new player, but those who already own the base game can upgrade for just $ 19.99. It adds two new story chapters to the game and a host of new content, mechanics, and progression options for new and old players.

Is this an upgrade worth buying? Read on for our World War Z Aftermath review!

New ways to kill

One of the biggest features added in Consequences is the all-new first-person perspective. While the new camera view adds immersion by getting you closer to the action, the lack of a true ADS mechanic for weapons makes it feel like an afterthought. Make no mistake, World War Z is always a third person first game.

Aftermath brings two new story episodes to the game – Rome and Kamchatka. The Rome episode will take you on a mission to the Colosseum to reclaim Vatican City from Rome, while the Kamchatka episode will have you join other survivors in the freezing cold of Russia’s eastern peninsula to take back a cargo ship, and possibly a nuclear submarine. Each of the new episodes is split into three smaller missions that will last you around 15-20 minutes each. In total, there are six new maps in the expansion, bringing the total to 23 when you include base game content. Overall, there are around two hours of new story content available here, all of which are highly replayable.

Saber Interactive has also completely redesigned the melee system, adding a host of new melee weapons, some of which can be used in duplicate. There are also new melee-specific perks to unlock, as well as combos to exploit.

Another major addition is the new Vanguard class. The Vanguard sports an electrified shield that can be used to shock and kill anything that charges you, essentially allowing you to “tank” for your team. There is also a shield charge mechanic that can take out a horde of zombies in one go. Of course, there are also tons of new perks for the class to unlock. While the former are focused on improving your shield, some of the latter perks will unlock buffs for your entire team. Unfortunately, while the shield charge was fun, sometimes I couldn’t help but think that I would rather have had a good old-fashioned frag grenade.


On PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the game now runs at 4K 60fps (fps), albeit by backward compatibility. Performance on the PS5 has been solid for the most part, apart from a few frame dips during the early stages of the Kamchatka mission. There was also an occasional bug, including one where a teammate got stuck on a train, causing us to wipe down. Still, considering all the AI ​​circulating on the board, Aftermath performs very well on next-gen hardware.

While 4K and 60fps are a huge upgrade in and of themselves, Saber has also promised a bigger and more comprehensive update to the game when the next-gen native versions are phased out next year. This even includes bigger Zekes hordes and improved graphics fidelity. The new game mode Horde Mode XL is also announced – a new mode ready to take more advantage of the new material by pitting you against endless waves of even bigger zombies than before. Horde Mode XL will be added in a free post-launch update alongside the next-gen native versions.

World War Z on PC (by Ernest Lim):

As a newcomer to the game, the first time I watched his namesake film about the location in Israel, I thought to myself, “These soldiers on the helicopters could have fun. If you are one of the many people who find satisfaction in getting kill streaks on hundreds of zombies, this is the game that gives you just that. World War Z Aftertermath offers many comparable opportunities, which makes it a very entertaining game and is easily the most fun when playing with friends and coordinating via communications. Admittedly, playing with random – or worse, with AI – just doesn’t seem as fun.

While playing on PC, I felt the controls were a bit clunky in some ways, and aiming down didn’t feel as accurate as your traditional first-person shooter (as mentioned by AJ). Even with that, it’s still a pretty good game for those looking for a fast paced co-op zombie wipe shooter.

PC specifications used to play:

Zephyr GX701
i7 9750
RTX 2070


Overall, WWZ: Aftermath is solid value for the asking price of $ 40. There’s plenty to keep you busy here, and I found the gameplay quite enjoyable. The progression is deep, and the different classes and skill trees give you meaningful ways to turn things around with every race. While the first-person perspective has been implemented well, it’s hard to turn down the extra visibility that a third-person camera gives you, and a true ADS mechanic is sorely lacking. If you’re looking to shoot zombies in the face with your friends without giving it much thought, Aftermath should be right for you.

World War Z Aftermath is out now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. A Nintendo Switch The version has also been announced for release on November 2, 2021.


  • Smooth and enjoyable gameplay, ideal for having fun without thinking.
  • 4K 60 on next gen consoles with better optimization across all platforms.
  • The new first person camera is natural and well implemented. This completely changes the feel of the game and is a great option to have if you prefer a more Left 4 Dead style of play.
  • A revised melee system that makes melee an effective option in close combat.
  • A lot, and I mean a lot of zombies.

The inconvenients

  • Although my experience went well, there were a lot of connection issues reported.
  • The story is light and quite forgettable.
  • No ADS mechanic in first person mode.
  • A small amount of bugs here and there.

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