3rd World War: “We are already there” because Putin will not stop at Ukraine “all nations” warned | World | News

Last week, the Russian president launched a full-scale invasion of the former Soviet nation despite weeks of talks and threats of sanctions from the West. On Sunday evening, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported 352 civilian deaths, including 14 children.

Overnight, at least 11 people were killed by Russian rocket fire on the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, according to Ukrainian officials.

More than 500,000 people have fled the country since the invasion, another UN official said on Monday – among the millions who have left their homes.

Although Putin’s attempts to capture the country have been thwarted so far, an expert has warned that the Russian president will not stop at Ukraine.

Fiona Hill, former senior director for Europe and Russia at the US National Security Council, told Politico: “Of course he won’t.

“Ukraine has become the front line in a struggle, not only for countries that may or may not be in NATO, or between democracies and autocracies, but in a struggle to maintain a system rules-based in which the things countries want are not taken by force.

“All countries in the world should pay close attention to this.”

She went on to say that we are already in the middle of World War III, whether the world knows it or not.

Ms Hill added: “We are already there. We have been for some time.

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“At the end of the Second World War we had another reconfiguration and some of the problems that we have been facing recently go back to that immediate post-war period.

“We had the war in Syria, which is partly the consequence of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the same with Iraq and Kuwait.

“All the conflicts we see have their roots in these earlier conflicts.

“We are already in a hot war against Ukraine, which started in 2014.

“People shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking we’re just on the edge of something.

“We’ve been well and truly in it long enough.”

Putin’s mental state has been questioned and one of his former close colleagues suggested he was “going crazier and crazier”.

Concerns about Putin’s sanity are particularly relevant as the Russian leader has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

However, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said he did not expect Putin to use nuclear weapons in his pursuit of Ukraine.

Mr Wallace told Times Radio: ‘We should be concerned that a state like Russia thinks the rules don’t apply to them, whether it’s invading Ukraine or using a nerve agent in Salisbury, but basically a deterrent is what it is, a deterrent.

“Even though he is ambitious for Ukraine, I don’t think he wants to enter that space.”

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