20 Best World War I Movies Of All Time, Ranked

“See You Up There” offers a quick but unforgettable look at the horrors of war that’s as grotesquely memorable as anything else in movies…but its real story comes from the consequences horror, damaged, forgotten French veterans Edouard (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) and Albert (Albert Dupontel) must attempt to make their way through an indifferent world. Meanwhile, their former commanding officer, the arrogant and unscrupulous Lieutenant Pradelle (Laurent Lafitte) – who ruined lives with a totally useless and deadly mission – has also returned home.

This ambitious and unconventional film tells a grand and offbeat story of both petty and daring schemes. It bases its fast-paced and highly original plot on a sharp and satirical examination of a post-World War I France that would rather spend a fortune honoring its war dead than supporting their brothers in arms. survivors. When Albert and Edouard weave a plot to take advantage of this national obsession, it can be shocking… but we also understand the temptation. We are less lenient towards Pradelle who makes money from the botched mass burial of fallen soldiers. As Edoard and Albert’s paths cross again with that of their commanding officer, the film’s intensity reaches its climax.

In a world full of stuffy, conscientious war movies, “See You Up There” stands out for its sheer inventive verve. He acts amoral, but he shows fierce anger at injustice, and this combination of cynicism and righteous anger is powerful fuel. With superb visual inventiveness, plenty of stylistic flair, and convoluted storytelling that blurs genres, “See You Up There” quickly establishes its luster.

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